Collaborative Efforts

The HPC has nearly 500 members. These members receive the HPC annual report, e-blasts, training opportunities, are invited to HPC meetings and community presentations and receive STAT sign up sheets. The HPC is also able to increase collaboration through the use of social media sources such as Facebook and You Tube. HPC currently has 465 “likes” on Facebook. We have started to use You Tube to broadcast PSAs, trainings, and other HPC meetings and events in the future. This will increase collaboration and the overall capacity of Peabody residents to reduce underage substance use. The HPC Outreach Coordinator is a blogger for the local online newspaper; the “Peabody Patch”. This is a way to receive feedback and also to engage more community members in underage substance abuse prevention.

Summer Foods, Bullying Prevention and Time Exchange

When the coalition was founded, the members decided that in order to be sustainable and to engage as many sectors as possible, the focus of the HPC would need to go beyond substance abuse prevention. To achieve this goal, the HPC collaborated with community partners to provide the citizens of Peabody with a Summer Foods Service Program that served 6,891 meals to young people, numerous bullying prevention trainings and the opportunity to increase access to no-cost services via the expansion of the Time Exchange to Peabody. These initiatives have helped institutionalize substance abuse prevention into the Peabody community while being truly effective at reducing substance use. 

Cultural Competency

The HPC considers cultural competency to be inclusive of race, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, education level and any other identifying characteristics of the residents of Peabody. When implementing a strategy, we consider how cultural competency affects not only the outcome, but also the individual steps of the strategy. The HPC has held the Call to Action meeting in the morning and in the evening and varies the time and location of STATs including youth meetings to accommodate the schedules of all our members, provides translation and childcare at community outreach events and translates all promotional materials.