The HPC Model

The HPC has decided to take an innovative approach to training members on the SPF and environmental strategies. Knowledge gained through experience working in other communities led the HPC to educate members and the community when there is a captive audience. During every meeting, including the Call to Action meeting and community presentations, information on these topics is included. Also, whenever speaking to the media, the staff reinforces the fact that the HPC utilizes an evidence-based planning model and environmental strategies to create community change. The HPC modified it’s structure in a way that reflects a non-traditional, but successful approach to community mobilizing by creating Short Term Action Teams (STATs) in lieu of standing committees. The STATs are formed around a project that contributes to a broader substance abuse prevention strategy and disbands when the goal of the STAT has been met. Members sign up for STATs at the Call to Action meeting, but also indicate areas of interest when completing a membership form. The HPC staff is then able to look at the areas of interest when recruiting additional members for a STAT. This tactic addresses member reluctance to enter into a long-term, open-ended commitment, avoids members feeling inundated with responsibilities and also allows members to acquire new skills.