About Us

The Healthy Peabody Collaborative (HPC) was formed in March 2008 under Mayor Michael J. Bonfanti to address substance abuse issues in the City of Peabody. Our members are working to reduce underage substance use in the City of Peabody while creating a healthier community for all who live, work and play in Peabody. Since the inception of the Healthy Peabody Collaborative, we have broadened our mission to promote all healthy behaviors, including a focus on bullying and hunger prevention. The Healthy Peabody Collaborative also worked with the Peabody Social Service Committee to provide pro-bono professional services to the  residents of Peabody. This was accomplished by expanding the Lynn Time Exchange to include the North Shore, and specifically Peabody.  By expanding our focus, we are  building coalition membership, helping member organizations to purposefully include substance abuse prevention in their mission and  institutionalizing the Healthy Peabody Collaborative into the fabric of Peabody.

The HPC conducts their projects through Short Term Action Teams (STATs). The first STAT of the HPC developed the Purpose, Mission and Goals for the coalition.


A citywide, community-based grassroots organization that makes the voices of Peabody citizens heard in order to create an overall healthier community.



The HPC is committed to reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use through collaboration among youth, parents and the broader community to create a stronger, healthier Peabody.


  • Create a collaborative that encourages the involvement of all members of the community
  • Provide healthy alternatives to support the development of stronger youth
  • Adapt social norms to promote decision making resulting in a healthy lifestyle