Membership Agreement

The Healthy Peabody Collaborative is an initiative of the Mayor’s office formed in 2008 to address substance abuse issues in the City of Peabody.  Our members are working to reduce underage substance use while creating a healthier community for all who live, work and play in Peabody.  By broadening our mission to promote all healthy behaviors, including a focus on bullying and hunger prevention, the HPC is building coalition membership, helping member organizations to purposefully include substance abuse prevention in their mission, and institutionalizing the HPC into the fabric of Peabody.

By creating Short Term Action Teams (STATs) in lieu of standing committees, the HPC has been successful in mobilizing the community to create environmental change.  The STATS are formed around a project that contributes to a broader substance abuse prevention strategy and disbands when the goal of the STAT has been met.  Each STAT meets for up to 10 weeks and will complete work through meetings and via email.  This approach addresses member reluctance to enter into long-term open-ended commitment, avoids members feeling inundated with responsibilities and also allows members to acquire new skills.  If the STAT that you are involved in requires youth participation, members will need to complete a CORI release form before attending a meeting.

STAT Descriptions

On-Going Prevention Strategies

Task: Because the HPC is a community based coalition with a vision to create a healthier community for all who live, work and play in Peabody, we are often asked to assist with the planning and implementation of community-wide initiatives that are not in our work plan. Members who would like to hear about these initiatives and possibly become part of a STAT should choose On-Going Prevention Strategies.

Goal: To support all Peabody residents who are at risk for, or are interested in the prevention of, threatening community issues such as substance use/abuse, hunger, bullying, etc.

Areas of Interest: Event planning, community outreach, media outreach, community education,
 publishing, data analysis, marketing, booth staffing, and event day logistics

ADULT Social Norms Campaign(s)

Task: Change the conversation among parents to encourage inter-parent communication and consistent parenting messages. The campaign should accentuate positive behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values held by the majority of the parent population.

Goal: Engage additional community members in supporting the healthy development of young people in Peabody; serve as a community complement that supports the Olweus bullying prevention program being implemented in the Peabody Public Schools and the national Above the Influence campaign.

Areas of 
Interest: Youth/Adult collaboration, strategic planning, community outreach, community education, bullying prevention, graphic design and/or other artistic medium

YOUTH Social Norms Campaign(s)

Task: Localize national youth Above the Influence campaign by developing initiatives and implementing projects to inform and inspire teens to reject negative influences and to empower them to speak their minds about the influences that point them toward or away from a healthier and happier future.

Goal: Increase youth awareness of the Above the Influence social norms campaign and community participation in planning and implementation Above the Influence activities

Areas of Interest: Event planning, community outreach, community education, media outreach, youth 
 programming and outreach, graphic designs and/or other artistic mediums

Healthy Peabody Collaborative Summer Foods Volunteer Program

July – August
The Healthy Peabody Collaborative seeks to rally community support around substance use prevention and hunger prevention by coordinating volunteer substance-free activities (knitting, sewing, arts & crafts, reading, board games, physical activity and much more!) during the Summer Foods Service Program, an initiative of the City of Peabody Mayor’s Office. This program serves FREE lunch without registration or income verification to thousands of children under the age of 19 while school is out for the summer and includes partners such as the HPC, Haven from Hunger, Peabody Library, Peabody Health Department, Peabody Public Schools, Peabody Council on Aging, and many other community organizations. If you are interested in volunteering your time, treasure or talent, please select this STAT and you will be contacted closer to the start of the program.